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The complexities of city life demand constant energy. The monotony of day-to-day chores can be exhausting. We understand the stress and chaos that come with it. To provide a refreshing escape for ourselves and our guests, we created a luxury stay that reconnects us with nature and our roots.

HmmBrr Resorts, in Junnar, Maharashtra, is a humble venture with a raw and rustic setting, where one can experience the stillness of nature. The trees and the vast sky encourage us to embrace life one day at a time. Mother Earth teaches patience and time spent in nature helps transform us. Visit HmmBrr to witness this transformation.

THE HmmBrr

Rooms & Suites

Mango Room

Mango rooms are aesthetically designed quaint spaces. The majestic Mango trees around provide shade and lets one – ‘JUST BE.’ A luxurious farm stay experience with all the amenities will definitely refresh your weary soul.

Chickoo Room

Chickoo rooms are spacious with a small sitting area inside the room. The porch outside is inviting and one can sit there and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. The loft style design inside the room – that takes you to a bed upstairs makes it luxurious and also excites the kids.

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