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We are so busy chasing the extraordinary that we miss the joy offered by the ordinary. The monotony of day-to-day chores can be exhausting. The stress and chaos of city life called for a natural scenic getaway – a luxury stay that would help us and our guests connect with the elements of nature, taking us back to our roots.

HmmBrr Resorts, in Junnar, Maharashtra, is a humble venture with a raw and rustic setting, where one can experience the stillness of nature. The rustic setting reminds us of humility and the vast sky encourages us to embrace everything. Mother Earth teaches patience and time spent in nature helps transform us. Visit HmmBrr to witness this transformation.

Originally, the property was used exclusively to rear fine-breed Sahiwal cattle. That’s how it was named “HmmBrr,” which means the sound made by a cow that feels happy and loved. The idea was to create unadulterated ghee that could be offered to society. Over time, parts of the land were utilized to grow fruits and vegetables, which again were of very good quality.

Only in the year xxxx was the property finally transformed into an Agro-resort when accommodation facilities were designed on the premises. Nestled in the Western Ghats with the iconic Shivneri Fort in close sight, it’s a perfect getaway from the busyness of the city. Mumbai and Pune have easy connectivity, which makes HmmBrr an attractive choice for city dwellers seeking peace amidst the chaos. Our goal is to serve sustainably. We do not wish to emerge as a mere profitable venture, we want to direct our efforts towards building a more environmentally aware society. By being our guests, you can make the choice to leave a positive carbon footprint while you take a break from routine.

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Declared as the first Tourism Taluka in Pune by the Government of Maharashtra, and rightfully so, Junnar is rich in mythological heritage and historic architecture. At 2260 feet above sea level, this quaint town boasts of a cool, inviting climate that makes it a desirable destination for vacationers. It is famed for its teak forests, Agro-tourism and much more.

Come discover Junnar!

Attractions Around Junnar

The Reverse Waterfall

The Naneghat reverse waterfall at a distance of 30 kms is a hidden wonder of Mother Nature. The water showers at the point of origin of the waterfall instantly refresh your soul.

A Tryst With History

The iconic Shivneri Fort located at a distance of 06 kms boasts of being the birthplace of the founder of the Maratha Empire, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Triangular in shape, it has several rock-hewn cisterns and ponds. Two of its ponds called Ganges and Yamuna have water perennially. There are 6 other forts nearby.

A Cultural Odyssey

Lenyadri cave complex has 30 caves cut into the rock hills. It’s a symbol of a blend between two religions of Buddhism and Hinduism. The Ganesha temple here is also one among the Ashtvinayak and has mythological significance.

A Night of Stargazing

In a pollution free environment, you can see diamond like stars in the open sky. The external sounds subside and gazing in complete silence lets you self -reflect. Dreamy nights in close proximity to Mother Nature enriches the soul.

Discover Rare Bird Species

Pimpalgaon Dam is a 5km long dam situated in the vicinity. It offers a scenic view and also boasts of being home to some unique bird species.

Scenic Bliss

The serenity of still water, the sight of attractive birds and a mesmerizing horizon. What more can one ask for? The perfect place to have beautiful conversations.

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